Ron Kenoly - Give To The Lord chords

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Chorus (2xs)
F                      Dm7
Give, and it will come back to you
Good measure, pressed down
Am                  Gm              C
Shaken together and running over
Am                     Dm7
Give, and it will come back to you
        Gm     C           F
When you give, Give to the Lord

        F             Dm7
Give in love, Give in faith
         Bb          Am            Gm
Give the joy and the smile on your face
            Am                 Dm7
Give as the Lord, Has given to you
        Gm          Am               Bb   C
How you give is a reflection of your gratitude (chorus)

From you heart, Give your best
Give unto God and you will be blessed
Don't be stingy, And don't be tight
Learn from the widow in the Bible, who gave her last dime (chorus)

People rob God when they
Don't give tithes and offerings
And they don't understand why
They've been cut off, From heavenly blessings
     A7                   Dm
But abundant life and prosperity begins
         Bb                 Am     Gm        C
When you prove your love to God by giving to Him

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