Rory Gallagher - Wheels Within Wheels tab

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Wheels Within Wheels (from the album "Wheels within Wheels")

*Capo First Fret*

 C    Bm5   A#5   F   Am  Am(g)?  Am(f#)?  Dsus2  Gadd11   g
-0-   -0-   -0-  -1-  -0-  -0-    -0-      -0-     -3-    -3-
-1-   -3-   -3-  -1-  -1-  -1-    -1-      -3-     -1-    -0-
-0-   -0-   -0-  -2-  -2-  -2-    -2-      -2-     -0-    -0-
-2-   -0-   -0-  -3-  -2-  -2-    -2-      -0-     -0-    -0-
-3-   -2-   -1-  -3-  -0-  -0-    -0-      -x-     -2-    -2-
-x-   -x-   -x-  -1-  -x-  -3-    -2-      -x-     -3-    -3-

*add little finger on the 3rd fret first string (G(#)) during the verse chords and add a 
smack on the strings with the right hand between chords, also emphasize the bass notes 
listen to the track and you'll hear what i'm talkin' bout'!>?

The intro picking is based around the verse chords*

        C            Bm5
If you keep on walkin',
 A#5                          F
You'll walk right outta sight.
            C                Bm5
And if you keep your eyes closed,
  A#5                    F
You will not see the light.

F          Em        Dm
Just give me a chance,
g                   C
 To put it right.

If you keep your heart closed,
You'll live out in the cold.
And you'll go on searchin',
such a lonesome road.

Let me be the one,
You wanna hold.


Am            Am(g) ?
Wheels within wheels,

Am(f#)?              D6       Gadd11        g
Confuse what you feel a little bit.

Am             Am(g)?
Rules within rules,

Am(f#)          D6           Gadd11         g
Won't hide the hurt I have felt.

(return to verse chords)

Well, I could keep on tryin',
Looks like its all been in vain.
For somethin's truly got you,
Its carryin' you away.

Don't leave me standing,
In this empty space.


not too sure about the chord names but the chord boxes up top should help,
FIRST TAB btw hopefully its not TOO bad?! *great Rory track*
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