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Rosi Golan - Hazy tab

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Okay, its a pretty simple song.
Sorry if its wrong or anything, this is my first tab, and I wanted to know how to play 
just along with everyone else searching it on the web after it was on OTH. Just listen to 
song for the strumn pattern, its not hard at all.

Capo 5


G             C        Em            D
I watched you sleep in quietly in my bed

G        C                  Em                                
You dont know this now, but theres some things that need to be said

C               D
Its all that i can hear

C               D
Its more than i can bear

[ Tab from: ]
G         D                    Em
What if I fall, and hurt myself

          C                   G
Would you know how to fix me?

          D               Em
What if I went and lost myself?

Would you know where to find me?

G         D       Em            C
If I forgot who I am, would you please remind me?

D            C
Oh, cause without you things go hazy.



Then repeats again with the guy singing.
Then both singing the refrain to end the song.

Hope you enjoy it, its a very awesome song and great duet song :)
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