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Roy Orbison - Losing You tab

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Losing You 
          C                Dm
Teardrops tell me that I'm losing you 
         G              F      C
Lost and lonely and I'm losing you 
Dreams remind me that I'm losing you 
           G               F      C
Heartaches find me and I'm losing you 
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C            D           F     G        G7  
If you could forget that love affair. I wonder 
C            D              F         G         
If you could how much would you still care 

It's no use now for I'm losing you 
No excuse now yes I'm losing you 

I love you much more than yesterday in sorrow 
I love you less than tomorrow 

C               D             Dm
I love you with all my love today 
C             F9 
But I guess I threw your love away 
    Dm          F          C 
I'm losing you, What can I do? 
        C               Dm  G  C
I don't want to but I'm losing you.

by: Josť Duarte
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