Royal Tailor - Hold Me Together chords

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Hold Me Together
Royal Tailor (

Hello mercy
Bm		A        D/F#       G     Bm    A
I have been searching     for      You lately
D	    G	       Bm	  A
I've been wounded and from what I hear
     D/F#	G       Bm    A
You have the remedy

Em			  Bm
They told me You would be for me
so now I need to know
F#m		         G
Is this a love that can save me
Or say you will then don't

Em			    Bm
Will You stay with me when nobody is around
F#m		      G
If this is real then tell me now

         D	   G	  Bm   A
Can You hold me together
         D/F#	   G	      Bm   A
Can Your love reach down this far
         D	   G	  Bm   A
Can You hold me together
        D/F#	 G	        Bm  
'Cause without You holding my heart
A	      D/F#    G    Bm    A	   D/F#   G   Bm   A
I'm falling apart,		 falling apart

(verse 2 is same as verse 1)
Saying so long, been lost, been gone
Not sure what to pray
It's not easy, but I know You see me
When I lose my way

I keep on floating not knowing
If there is more for me
Don't want to sink beneath
Waves of negativity

I'm going under,
I'm afraid I might drown
If this is real,
I need you now

D/F#  G		Bm   A
      I'm feeling stronger
D/F#   G		      Bm    A
      With You by my side
D/F#   G     Bm      A       D/F#   G	       D      A
      And I rea  -  lize            You are my ho  -  pe
And I need to know

D/F#    G        Bm  
       Without You
A	      D/F#    G   Bm 
I'm falling apart
A	D/F#    G    Bm   A
Falling apart
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