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Rpm - Now Or Never tab

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Now or Never

Intro:		Bm/G         D         Bm        C#       A         Bm/G

                     Bm                 Bm/G
Verse:	      Godís living in me Godís living and he
               A	       (D-C# octaves)
              Is bring out the best in me
                     Bm                 Bm/G       A
              Godís love is on me Godís love is only
                                (D-C# octaves)
              What I need to live in this world
              Bm       Bm/G                  A
              Godís in me and Iím living to see
                        (D-C# octaves)
              Everything he has for me
              Bm                 Bm/G            A
              Godís love is here Godís love will be the
                            (D-C# octaves)
              Very thing my heart cries for
              G	            F#	         D
              And what Iíd die for

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Chorus: Todayís the day Todayís the day
        To live in faith, itís now or never
        A			           Bm      A  (To Double Chorus)
        Iím not ashamed Iím not ashamed
        A		                   Bm/G     Bm      A
        Coz all Iíll ever know is God is real

Instr:		Bm            A        X 2

Bridge 1:	I wonít wait for any other sign 
                Iím gonna live for the Saviour now

                I wonít wait for any other sign

                I know the time is now  (Repeat)

Bridge 2:	The time is now to raise a shout
                The time is now for living proud
                Iím not ashamed of whatís inside
 	                 (Bm 2nd Time)
                Iím not ashamed coz heís alive (Repeat)

               G	     F#	       G	       F#           D
                And what Iíd die for, and what Iíd die for

Bridge 1
Bridge 2

If Your not Sure Of It Youtube The Song 
There Is A Big Set Of Bass Fills Through Out 
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