Rubber Rodeo - Anywhere With You chords

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One of my favorite songs from the 80's by a "lost band" from the 80's Rubber Rodeo. I
couldn't find anything on the internet, so I decided to have a go at it myself. It sounds
pretty good to my ears anyway. Comments/corrections are welcome, but this is my very 
first tab, so please go easy on me ;-)

Anywhere With You
Rubber Rodeo
Album : Scenic Views

Tabbed by: idledreamer

Capo II


G D C (2x)

     G                  D         C
Turn around, and you'll find, the girl you left behind

          G    D              C
Turn around...... and I'll be there

G                       D     C
Would it be, such a crime, to love me one more time

       G        D             C
That I think...... that I don't care

A                            E
I always thought that when I found you

G                      D
That I would always be around you

A                           E
I guess it goes to show how wrong a girl can be

         F                E
When you said good-bye to me

G      D          C
I........ will go anywhere with you

        G         D
Call my name........

And I'll be there

        G         D
Say the word........

And I'll pack my bags tonight

        F            E
I'll go any-where if you are there

No I'm not the kind to try and change your mind
If I thought..... that I was wrong
But it's getting late
And there's too much here at stake
To Wait....... until you're gone

I know that I can make you happy
And I know that you could love me to
I know that I could find a million reasons why
Just don't say good-bye to me

I......... will go anywhere with you
Call me name
And I'll be there
Say the word
And I'll pack my bags tonight
I'll go any-where if you are there

Turn around

Enjoy! 8-) V
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