Rubicon Rising - Something About You chords

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Hi Folk, 

This band I saw in Sydney Australia last year in an open air concert 
and was taken with this song.  The thing I really liked about the song
 is the guitar solo which is like a gypsy come mood rock solo, very 
nice. Anyway hope you like it as much as I do.

The intro is running up and down a Dm chord

Verse and Chorus Chords

Dm Bb Gm Bb

On the prowl, Saturday night
Ill look around, youre in my sights
your the one Im looking for
You, got something about you

I'm looking good, you know I am
I need a meal, you are the man?
Youre the one Im hoping for
You, got something about you


Ill have my fun, Ill have my way
Ill take you down, youll want to stay
Im a drug you need some more
You, got something about you
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