Rupert Holmes - Touch And Go chords

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TOUCH & GO  Rupert Holmes

Intro: F-Fm7-Dm-Dm7-Bb-F(/A)-Gm7

C7       F          Fm7              Dm
Nobody said that life is always fair
       Dm7                  Bb
Sometimes it clips your wings
        F(/A)           Gm7
While you're in mid-air
C7                F
But there's a thread
Fm7                      Dm
Between your life and mine
     Dm7                   Bb
And when you're losin' hope
     F(/A)           Gm7 
This rope won't unwind


C7                       F                  F7
Hold on tight 'cause life is touch and go
It's sink and swim
            D7sus            D7        BbM7
But never doubt if you're out on a limb
              Am7                   Dm7
I'll get the call, to break your fall
             BbM7         C7        F
I'll never leave you even when life
               F7              D
Is touch and go or hit and run
            D7sus         D7          Gm7
We'll never break if we take it as one
              Am7                Bb7
I'm here to stay, I pray you know
             Bb    Bb7sus        Bb   C7  Intro          
I'll never touch, I'll never touch and go

C7                F
Someday you'll find
      Fm7                 Dm
There's nothin' in the night
      Dm7              Bb
That wasn't there before
     F(/A)            Gm7
You turned out the light
  C7                  F
Straight from your mind
     Fm7                   Dm
The monster 'neath your bed
       Dm7           Bb   
The voices in the hall
     F(/A)            Gm7 
They're all in your head

Repeat Chorus-----


C7              Am7
When you feel lost
You're only spun around
Tumbled and tossed
But never run around
Dm7         Gm7              Am7        Bb7
Life is a town full of strangers at best
I'll help you home
Ab7            Gm7
God help the rest

Repeat Chorus except last word-----

... go

Coda: (Fade)

Life is touch and go
It's sink or swim
          D7sus             D7        BbM7
But never doubt if you're out on a limb

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