Russell Acosta - Deep In My Soul chords

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We've grown closer everyday
and deep down inside your heart do you feel the same 
F#m                                                 A                       E
Since i met you baby no one's ever more on my mind, yeah

All this love i have for you just get's better in time
like a rainy afternoon or the sweet tastin' wine
F#m                                           A 
and when i look into your eyes i'm lost in your storm
C#m                                         B                                          A
can you feel my body tremble when you walk through the door

E                  B                C#m - B
I've got you deep in my soul
A                G#m                    F#m
inside your heart you should know
E               B                          C#m - B
i'll be there wherever you go
A                              G#m  F#m             B
if there's one thing i know i've got you deep in my soul
E  A  E  A
now if you ever feel down and i'll just call my name
C#m                                      F#m
for as long as we're together (i'll protect you from the pain)
E                                                                                              C#m
if darkness ever held the sun baby you and me, baby one on one
F#m	                                   A			
oh i knew that day, love was here to stay...

Repeat Chorus

Adlib: C#m   C#m A  E  A  C#m  A  B

F#m                                            A                                B
And when i look into your eyes i'm lost in your storm...

Repeat Chorus 2xE  A  E  A  E A E A E
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