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Rusty Clanton - Good Little Girl chords

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Good Little Girl 
Rusty Clanton
This tab is in standard tuning. (Rusty plays it with a Capo on 2, but this tab is 
for open tuning.)

D             F#m
Good little girl
G              A
Always pickin' a fight with me
D             F#m
You know that I'm bad
G              A
But you're spending the night with me
D              D7           G
What do you want with my world?
You're a good little girl.


Bad little boy
That's what you're acting like
I really don't buy
That you're that kind of guy
But oh if you are tell me why
why not just say good bye?

Good little girl
you've stolen my heart away
i like how you smile
and make fun of the words i say
who would have thought i could fall
it's not so bad after all.
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