Rutles - I Love You chords

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D          Bm             Fm
Every time I see you walk by
          Bm                   Fm
There's a certain look in your eye
         G                                 A
And your smile says there's something that I
Should tell you

D             Bm           Fm
Every time we meet we say 'Hi'
          Bm                Fm
'How's it going?' 'Fine' we reply
      G                           A
But I wonder what would happen if I
Could tell you...
           D      Fm     Bm
I love you
           D      Fm     Bm
I love you

F            G            C              Am
I don't know why it is or what you do to me
F          G                 C      D
Vocabulary-wise with you I'm all at sea

Repeat for rest of song

Every time I'm with your I try
I'm not a shoe-gazin' kind of a guy
But somehow I just come over too shy
To tell you

Why can't I tell you how I feel 
It's so absurd
Why does my tongue get tied on three little words?

I feel as if I'm falling apart
Do I blame my head or my heart?
Because I stop every time I start
To tell you
I love you, I love you, I love you,
I love you, I love you,
I love you.
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