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Ry Cooder - Tattler chords

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Tattler - Ry Cooder

Capo 3

3--------4---------2-----0------| x2

e -o-|---|---|---|---|
B ---|-x-|---|---|---|
G -o-|---|---|---|---|
D ---|-x-|---|---|---|
A ---|---|---|---|---|
E -o-|---|---|---|---| 

    D		    Bm             G              D
Whenever you find a man that loves every woman he sees,
        D                   Bm             G                A7
There's always some kind of woman that's a-puttin' him up a tree.
    D			 Bm           G               D
Now that kind of man, he ain't got as much sense as a mule.
    G 					          A7
You know, everyone don't love you, they're just a-playin' you for a fool

G  D  D   A
Mmmm, oh, no,
	 G		      D
It's not hard for you to understand.
     G			Bm
True love can be such a sweet harmony
       A	            D
If you do the best that you can.

 (Intro once only)
D                              Bm            G                   D
If you marry the wrong kind of woman and you get where you can't agree
D                            Bm               G              Bm  A
Well, you just as well could get your hat and let that woman be.
D			     Bm	         G		            D
But a man oughta make a good husband and quit tryin' to lead a fast life.
       G				  A	                 A7
Goin' about dressin' up other women won't put clothes on his own wife

G  G - D  D  A  A 
 D  G  G  G  D  D  
 D  D/G/A

	      D						      G
Well, there's lots of good women who wants to marry, and they want to live
well at home.
									Bm  A
But they're 'fraid they'll might get hold of a rowdy man, can't let other
      G   A
women alone.

				      D		      G
And there's lots of good men wants to marry, and they wants to live well at
But every time they turn their back, there's another man there
        A                A7
askin', "Darlin', is he gone?"

(End with intro.)	
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