Ryan Bingham - Sunrise chords

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Sunrise - Ryan Bingham - Mescalito
Standard Tuning

I'm not sure what some of the chords name's are, so if you could leave a comment 
telling me, that would be great. But, for now, I will put question marks after them.

Chords you will be using:

         Asus2        (002200)
         A1  ? ?      (024400)
         A2  ? ?      (046600)
         A3  ? ?      (079900)
         A4  ? ?      (068800)
         A5  ? ?      (007990)
         E            (022100)


Intro:    Asus2  A1  A2  A3,  Asus2  A1  A2 A4 A3
              A5  A3  A2  Asus2,  A3  A2  A1  Asus2

                                A5        A3
                                Here I go again
                                A2                 Asus2
                                Straight up out the motel
                                A3        A2            A1       Asus2           
                                Hock my guitar out of a pawn shop jail
                                A5    A3             A2         Asus2
                                If I quit, I'm just rolling the dice
                                A3            A2         A1        Asus2
                                Couldn't pass up the red beans and rice, singing

                                E          Asus2       E
                                Oh,         my         my
                                See them girls shake their ass
                                Underneath the sunrise
                                E          Asus2       E
                                Oh,         my         my 
                                Taste the sugar on their lips
                                Underneath that moonlight

                                (A3  A2  A1 Asus2) x2

                                A5                     A3            A2       Asus2
                                Well I'm livin' in the desert with a one eyed dog
                                A3                    A2        A1       Asus2
                                You can lead a blind man out of Viet  -  nam
                                A5          A3      A2                Asus2
                                Everybody's beggin, everybody wants a chance
                                A3         A2           A1        Asus2
                                Stuck in a storm, we'll do a rain dance 


                                A5            A3
                                I'm taking my chances
                                A2            Asus2
                                I'm taking my sins
                                A3                     A2           A1                    Asus2
                                Throwin' 'em down the hill and I'll watch 'em come around again
                                A5          A3    A2                         Asus2
                                Watched 'em fall, watched 'em rise up to the sky
                                A3        A2             A1                           Asus2   
                                A hundred miles an hour across the river to the other side



All credit to lyrics: http://www.sweetslyrics.com/528616.Ryan%20Bingham%20-%20Sunrise.html

Strum pattern is easy if you know the song well. 
I recommend slapping the strings between every two strums.
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