Ryan Blue - You And Me chords

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Tuning: 3 semitones/half steps down

intro: Cadd9-Cadd9 G5 G G5 / Cadd9-Cadd9 G5 G G5 G

My love I am planning
                            G5      G   G5  G
a trip to the coast and out to the sea,

in August as the sun is shining
                       G5    G  G5  G
out to a place to make history
  Cadd9                      G5   A
A breathtaking earth shaking fantasy.  With just you and me  

Cadd9-Cadd9 G5 G G5 x2

as I lie on the ground,

and stare into space,
    G5              G
the stars start to move,
          G5            G
into the shape of your face.

Oh I wish I could be,

in that one special place,
      G5          G
as I lie on the ground,
     G5          G    A
and stare into space.   Thinking of just you and me.

Cadd9-Cadd9 G5 G G5 x2
You and me x3

We're walking the shoreline,

with our feet getting wet,
       G5          G 
the horizon turns pink,
        G5            G
as the sun starts to set.

You say "close your eyes",
"tell me what you see",
       G5       G 
I see only two people,
  G5          G   A
I See you and me.   But it was just a dream.

Cadd9-Cadd9 G5 G G5 x2
just a dream x3

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