Ryan Cassata - New York To California chords

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capo 5th Fret 

G, Em, Am, D

Oh, I'm dreaming 
About bringing you a rose
I'll be outside of your office 
In my finest clothes 
But when I wake up 
I'm where the sun don't set 
When every day is hard to say 
How long 'til we kiss again? 

(C, G) x4 Em, D  

New york to california 
New york so hard to stay 
New York To California 
New York to you one day
Someday I'll be leaving 
Someday's not far away 
New York to California 
Today will be that day 

Well oh I'm dreaming 
About taking you out 
I'll take you to your favorite place 
that we can rave about 
And when the sun falls 
I'll keep you in my arms 
I'll hold cause were meant to be 
Always in my memory 

And won't you come here? 
I need you badly
I've been setting aside all this time 
For you to come see me 
If I could come there 
I'd be so happy 
I'd be at home with you
Never blue 
As long as we're to stay 
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