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Ryan Huston - Tired tab

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Artist: Thom Hell
Song: Tired
Great song.
Tab is not perfect, feel free to improve it. 
Use fingerpicking.

Am		             Cmaj9   C
Sitting on a job from 9 to 5
     G		           F
Cos all I ever do is stay alive
		         Am         Cmaj9    C
Thinking to myself is it worth it?
I really need some comfort from you now
     G			            F
Cos Iím not used to wake up in this hour
Am        Cmaj9    C
Long before the morning seems started

G   -    Fmaj7  -  Am  -  Cmaj9  -   C  -  G   -  Fmaj7  -  Am
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When Iím home from work itís all a drag
   G	                       F
Iíam so tired of always being sober 	                        	 
Am    Cmaj9    C
I just canít wait until this day is over

Cigarettes is killing me, I know
     G		             F
Itís just one way of many to go
	                      Am      Cmaj9    C
I donít see why I should even bother

G   -    Fmaj7  -  Am  -  Cmaj9  -   C  -  G   -  Fmaj7  -  Am  -  Cmaj9  -  C

Starting saking(?) every time I sleep
 G    		               F
Maybe itís the secrets that I keep
Am         Cmaj9     C
I canít even seem to stop the wondering
So then when you tell me where to go
   G			     F
Iíam so tired of being on my toes
Am     Cmaj9     C
I just want to be yours until itís over

G   -    Fmaj7  -  Am  -  Cmaj9  -   C  -  G   -  Fmaj7  -  Am
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