Safetysuit - Annie chords

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Capo V
Not sure about the chord names but they are relative to the capo.

E/G           0-3-5-5-0-0
E/G#          0-3-5-4-0-0
E maj11       1-3-3-0-0-0
B maj7        0-2-2-0-3-3
B 6           3-2-0-0-0-0

By: SafetySuit

Verse 1:
E/G                                                    E/G#
   There was a girl named Annie, she had a very pretty face
E maj11
   And not the way you would think so, let me see if I can try to explain it
E/G                                                                          E/G#
   She had a smile it could light up the room, and if she moved it'd be moving in you
E maj11
   But she wasn't like a magazine, she was just plain jane and her name was Annie

Verse 2: Repeat chord progression


E/G                     E/G#
Annie don't be shy here
E/G                       E/G#
Annie don't just lie there
E maj11
Looks don't make the world go round
E maj11
But it comes around
E/G                     E/G#
Annie don't be shy here
E/G                            E/G#
Annie please don't cry here
E maj11
I always have to stop myself
E maj11
Cause you're beautiful

Verse 3



B maj7                             B 6                                       E maj11
And Annie you are the one sight my eyes never tire of
E maj11
It's like I cannot get enough of you
B maj7                    B 6                               E maj11
Annie you are the one song left in my symphony
E maj11
Like you were made for me


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