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Said The Whale - The Reason chords

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The reason my love

My priorites got so fucked up
And I'm sorry that I lead you to believe
You don't mean that much to me anymore
And you do and I care and I'd do anything

But I'm out on a limb, dear
And you're just sitting there smoking your thin lipped, 80 sized cigarettes
and laughing, hahahaha. 
    C                     F
And I just want you, to, believe me
Could you believe in me? 
            C      G    G7
Believe in me

Cuz I know it isn't what you need
G                           C       
And I know there is a fine line between love and trust
And believing the things that we must believe in
Dm                                                G
So don't forget about all the little things that mean so much to someone like me
C                    Am
And I know it's only skin deep
      Dm             G
And I know how deep that can be
Cuz you tell me
    Dm              G             C
But I just want you to believe in me

Oh, that's the reason my love, 
that's the reason my love
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