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Saints - Grain Of Sand chords

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[GMaj9(no3rd)] = 2 0 0 0 3 3

                [G6] = 0 2 2 0 3 3

[G][GMaj9(no3rd)] [G6]  x 2
[G] [C] [D/F#]  x 2

[G]I could fill a [GMaj9(no3rd)] room with empty [G6] pockets 
[G] I could build a [GMaj9(no3rd)] palace from lost [G6] ideals
[C] Forgotten to [G]say what it is that I [Am] wanted
[C]Now I go to [G] sleep and dream of [Am] nothing

[G] So the weatherman [GMaj9(no3rd)] says theres gonna be a change in the [G6]weather
[G] and this is a [GMaj9(no3rd)] fine in my time of [G6] life
[C] If someone could [G] tell me something l hadn't heard [Am] before
[C] I wouldn't be [G] knocking at your [Am] door.

[G]Like a grain of [GMaj9(no3rd)] sand 
[C]that's how I [D] feel tonight
[G]In a foreign [GMaj9(no3rd)] land
[C]washed up and [D]out of sight

I woke up this morning and felt like a zombie
Couldn't find the shoes underneath my bed
My tongue was covered in fur So I shoved it in my pocket
At least I'm alive I think I'll survive

Like a grain of sand
That's how I feel tonight
In a foreign land
Washed up and out of sight  (RPT)


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