Sam Benson - Next Time You See Me chords

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Next Time You See Me
Intro: Fmaj7 Am x3 Fmaj7 G C

Verse 1:
Fmaj7                       Am
  The first time that I saw you
Fmaj7                              Am
  You were standing over there
Fmaj7                                Am
  Leaning up against those bleachers
              Fmaj7           G                               C
With the wind blowing through your golden hair
Fma7                        Am
  I wanted to tell you something
Fmaj7                                Am
  But I didnt know what to say
Fmaj7                     Am               G                     C
  I turned for just a minute, then you had gone away

      Fmaj7                               Am
But over the horizon theres a new world shining bright
              Fmaj7                             Am
And you start reaching out to its bright, golden light
       Fmaj7                                           Am
And right at that moment is when you start to see
               F     G           C
The next time you see me

Verse 2 (same chords as V1):
The next time that I saw you
I was walking down the street
I stopped for a minute
And thats where we did meet
I wanted to tell you something
But I never got the chance
You smiled, waved and left me
And I just stood there in a trance


Verse 3:
Fmaj7                       Am
 The next time that I see you
Fmaj7                       Am
 Maybe I will find the words
Fmaj7              Am
  But until that dream comes true
F     G                      C
 Im here and it still hurts
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