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Samantha - Touch And Go chords

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Band/Artist: Samantha
Title: Touch And Go

C7       F          FM7           Dm
Nobody said that life is always fair
       Dm7                  Bb
Sometimes it clips your wings
        F(/A)      Gm7
While you're in mid-air
C7                F
But there's a thread
FM7                      Dm
Between your life and mine
     Dm7                   Bb
And when you're losin hope
     F(/A)           Gm7 
This rope won't unwind

C7                       F             F7
Hold on tight 'cause life is touch and go
It's sink and swim
            D7sus            D7        BbM7
But never doubt if you're out on a limb
              Am7                   Dm7
I'll get the call, to break your fall
             BbM7         C7        F
I'll never leave you even when life
               F7              D
Is touch and go or hit and run
            D7sus         D7          Gm7
We'll never break if we take it as one
              Am7                Bb7
I'm here to stay, I pray you know
             Bb    Bb7sus        Bb   C7            
I'll never touch, I'll never touch and go

C7                F
Someday you'll find
      FM7                 Dm
There's nothin' in the night
      Dm7              Bb
That wasn't there before
     F(/A)            Gm7
You turned out the light
  C7                  F
Straight from your mind
     FM7                   Dm
The monster neath your bed
       Dm7           Bb   
The voices in the hall
     F(/A)            Gm7 
They're all in your head

Repeat Chorus

C7              Am7
When you feel lost
You're only spun around
Tumbled and tossed
But never run around
Dm7         Gm7              Am7        Bb7
Life is a town full of strangers at best
I'll help you home
Ab7            Gm7
God help the rest
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