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Sammy J - Secrets chords

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Hi guys!! This is my tab for Sammy J and Randys "secrets." I loved this song when 
i heard it. im pretty sure most of this is right... i had to write the lyrics 
myself, and the chords are all right except maybe a bit in the middle. If you dont 
have a capo you can play it open with chrods F#m (for Em), D (For C), A(for G), E 
(for D), and at the end the chords C (for A), G(for E), F (for G), Am (for F#m), 
but i prefer playing it with the capo on. Enjoy!

Capo 2 
Em	C
I've got a secret, I've got one too
Tell me your secret and I'll tell my secret to you (I will tell you)
Em	C
Unload your burden, relinquish your lie
I'm ashamed, you are safe now
My day of judgment has arrived
C        G      D
Rise up, stand tall
          Em                     C
For the keeper of secrets will fall
                   G                             D                                   D
While the truth teller quenches his thirst Ė at the fountain of justice!
Em                     C
You go first. No after you.
                      G                                                        D
Rock paper scissors? (oh thatís funny isnít it, look at that! Sorry. It's paper or 
nothing! That was unfair. I apologize.)
Em	C
Well please I insist after all how can I be so sure
That the secret I'm hiding is worth me confiding in you
In comparison to, your secret

Which might be as boring as bat shit
My standard of secrets are second to none
There are naziís who would not believe what I've done
 my secrets are massive, I bet I've got more
I'm a secret machine I'm a secrecy whore!
I ate your lasagna, I steal from the chemist
 I've never seen star wars, I text while I'm driving 
I donít flush at parties, I dabble in arsine
 I love polystyrene I voted for Howard
 I leave without paying I j-walk I litter 
I love mel and koshi I jerk off on twitter
 I donít wear a helmet I wear womens shoes
 I slept with your grandma 
I slept with my grandmother too 
	G	D
but these  are mere samples, common examples of everyday
          Em	            C
Things that we keep locked away
C           G                         D
 and deeper within, there's a bag in the bin 
          Em     	C
of my soul, a secret thatís too big to say
         G               D                        Em                        C
 rise up stand tall for the keeper of secrets will fall
 I cry watching oprah I pose nude for playboy
D                                                Em
 I trained with the Taliban I can't drive a manual car
C                       G                    D
 I slap ugly children I break wind on airplanes
 I organize cockfights I piss in the spa
A                      E                  D
 I rarely use condoms I throw rocks at traffic
I spread salmonella 
A                                E
I told my accountant I'm semi retired 
D                            F#m
I pay cash in hand coz my visas expired 
D                                   A
and secrets are like margarine,
E                                             F#m
 they're easy to spread but harder to clean
                    D	A
 off your pants and once that stain is seen
 E                                                      E
 everyone knows Iíve been stickin my dick in the fridge!
What? Nothing. Secrets! 
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