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Sanchez Paul - Maria tab

ria"  by Paul Sanchez
from "Jet Black and Jealous"

[As with "Confidential Dance", there is a little 3 note fill
leading into each 4-chord (A-F#m-D-E) line, but here it is:
E|---0-2-0-----                                        ]

A  F#m  D  E (fill)

Verses: (all same)
 A      F#m    D       E
Another night alone in bed
  A       F#m     D        E
I wait in vain to hear the door
  A        F#m         D        E
I pull the blanket up around my head
A          F#m            D          E
Flat on my back again I'm not really sure

   D   A      E    A      D    A      E    A
Mari-  a,  Mari-   a,  Mari-   a,  Mari-   a

E                                  A   D   A
I remember and it feels like yesterday
E                                 A   D   A
And I'll apologize for nothin' anyway
D        A         D        A   
We had a laugh and we had a drink and
D         A       E
now all I have is time to think time to think
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