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Saw Doctors - Carry Me Away tab

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Saw Doctors - Carry Me Away  


A       D       X2

Verse 1:
       A               D
In the twilight of the evening
A                     D
Follow the tail light trail
     A                   D
Like fairy lights in the boreens
On the drumlins of the lake
    D                 A
And fill the air with stories
     D           A
From early until late
    D               A
And fill your empty glasses
Where I lie in wait

   Carry me away
A            E
   Carry me away
F#5          D
   Carry me away

Verse 2 (same)
And when the moment feels right
Take me to the shore
With your torches and your flashlights
Be careful in the boats
Turn north at rabbit island
And up past green fields bay
May the night be calm and gentle
And the moonlight light your way


Verse 3 (same)
And some where up near inchagoill
In the embers of the night
Switch of all the engines
At the birth of dawns first light
And someone sing a happy song
When everyone's arrived
And scatter me forever
Where I've felt most alive


Verse 4:
           A              D
Where I'll hear the water lapping
A              D
Up against the island
A                 D
See the may flies dapping
A                D
Hear the trout a-rising
    A                 D
And see the camp fire burning
        A                 D
And the oul' black kettle boiling
    A             A
And hear a reel a-singing
D                  E
Off towards the horizon


A     D   A     repeat to fade
Carry Me Away    
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