Sbtrkt - Wildfire chords

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These chords do not go with the original tune, but I found that they go well with 
a cover version. Use your imagination and have fun! :)

Am                   E                 D7
I could bet all the riches that I ever had.
Am                        E                        D7
Rush in the night like a shock, babe, would it be bad?

If I had to-
Am                         E                          D7
set the alarm 'cause those thrills that run up my back.
Am                   E                              D7
You're my star nothing else can lead me off track.

*one strum

                              E   D7
You're like a wildfire. 
D7                Am
You got me rising hot.
Your innocence-
Who's the brave?
Drowning in,

will you save me?
It's a crime- 
if you don't.
You're the spied-
by the throat.
(repeat chorus)

Thanks! :)
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