Scorpios - Moonshiner chords

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"Moonshiner" by the Scorpios (Joey Cape, Tony Sly [RIP], Jon Snodgrass, Brian Wahlstrom)
off of their self-titled album.  Note: the final chord in each line is to be played
with the final word in the respective verse/chorus (it's going to be shifted out of 
place when this is submitted).

Intro: Am F C G x 2

  Am       F           C
I've been a moonshiner

    C                      G
For seventeen long years

   Am      F             C
I've spent all my money

   C                  G
On whiskey and beer

 F                 G
I go to some hollow

 C                 F
And drink my still

 Am         F                C
If the whiskey don't kill me

 C                    G
I don't know what will

  Am   F            C
I go to some barroom

  C                        G
To drink with my friends

    Am      F                  C
Where the women can't follow

  C                   G
To see what I spend

   F                               G
God bless them pretty women

  C                   F
I wish they was mine

  Am      F            C
With breath as sweet as

  C                  G
The dew on the vine

Am      F                 C
Let me eat when I'm hungry

 C                          G
Let me drink when I'm dry

Am       F                      C
Two dollars when I'm hard up

 C                 G
Religion when I die

 F                             G
The whole world is a bottle

C                      F
And life is but a dram

Am      F                    C
When the bottle gets empty

C                            G
It sure ain't worth  a damn

Outro: Am F C G (close on G or Am)
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