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Scott Cunningham - Satisfied In You chords

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I found this Tab online somewhere. It might not be 100% accurate, but it works. Hope you enjoy.

Satisfied In You

A   B     C#m7  E/G#   A  B   E
Iím satisfied      in You my God
A  B     C#m7  E/G#   A  B        E
I will abide      in You, in the vine
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           E  E/G#                 A
I want to live   to live for Your pleasure
           E  E/G#                 A
I want to run    to run for Your fame
		   C#m7  B                 A  E/G#
I want to dwell in Your house forever
			   A B C#m B/D#				 A B C#m B/D#
To seek Your face      As You call my name
			  A B C#m B/D#	   E
To hear You say        Well done

    C#m7        B       A
For  I   am    not my  own 
    C#m7        B           A
You bought me  with Youíre blood (3X)

     E/G#      F#m7        E/G#     A  B
Your precious blood, Your precious blood (To chorus)

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