Sean Christopher - Everything chords

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Sean Christopher
Standard Tuning: E

Intro: F#m

Verse 1:
F#             A
  Some see your beauty
D            Fm     
  Under the moonlight
F#m   A           D  
  Some wait for you
  Some just a little lonely     
          A               D 
  You can guide me to the light   
           Db                F#
  You can make my day at night
         B           D      
  You just give me everything
Db                              F#   A   D  Fm   F#  A  D  Fm
  Mmmmm, you just give me everything

Verse 2:
F#m             A       D
  Some love your silence
  Away from the city
F#m    A          D
  Some stay for you
  Some wait another moment
         A                  D
  You can put a spell on me
                     Db          F#m 
  Charm the birds out of the tree
          B              D     Db      
  You just give me everything
                        F#     A     D     Fm   
  You just give me everything
            F#m    A     D   Fm
  Oh, everything

 A   F    A            D
  One day I'll live the day

Verse 3:
F#m              A      Bm
  Some feel your elusive breeze
  While they are sleeping
F#m                              D
  Some exchange their minutes for hours
  Some just keep on seeking
F#m          D             Bm
  You are the doorway to my prose
  You are the reason I compose
F#m                        D
  'Cause you give me everything
F#                A   D   Fm   F#   Ebm   D         Db  
  You just give me
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