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Sean Rowe - Surprise chords

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this is the acoustic version

Capo 4
Intro: Em7, DaddA (200230) G

           Em7            DaddA            G
You were nothing but the fragrance of an old dream,
              Em7            DaddA          G
That was just time playing tricks on my mind. 
            Em7                DaddA              G
You've escaped from all the pictures that I remember,
          Em7        DaddA        G
You come back as a bottle of wine. 

Em7               C/G
But I want to borrow the light, 
Use it on you when the sun goes down. 
Let's lead the rusted old folks back in the city
Where they belong. 
Where they belong. 

Outro is the same as intro

hope you can figure it out, just listen to the song and you'll get it!

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