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Secondhand Serenade - Something More tab

                                  Something More
                                  Secondhand Serenade (tab by iamblue035)
This is my second tab. Wohoo! 

I have two tabs, the recorded version of John Vesely and the version of my cover.


                         RECORDED VERSION:

G-2~-2~--~--~-| (Basically those are the four chords for the whole song. 
D-2~-3~-2~--~-|  You can figure out the strumming. If you are finding a hard 
A--~-3~-3~-2~-|  time, check out my cover in the link above.)

                         COVER VERSION:

D-6~-2~-4~-4~-| (This version is a half - step lower than the first.  
A-6~-2~-2~-4~-|  This is the one I used in my cover.)

*Hope you guys rate my tab! Thanks! :) *
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