Seed - Rapture chords

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Artist: Seed
Album:  Ling

A         E
Stay with me
G         D/F#        A
Find time waste it on me
A      C#m7    G                 D/F#      A
You'll see the trouble I've been through today

Octave Riff: A - G# - G - F#  *see below

Verse 1:
A      D       E            G       A
We can be like cats and creepy crawly
A        D            E         G    A
Pick the bugs from my hair like a monkey
A       D        E         G      A
Take an elephant ride down to the sea
A       Bm7      C#m7   D
This is the last day of mine

Verse 2:
A      D      E            G       A
We can skinny dip with the sea lions
A      D    E             G          A
Get octopus hugs till the tides come in
A     D      E                 G    A
Lay upon the rocks and blow dandelions
A       Bm7      C#m7   D
This is the last day of mine

C#m       C#7       D   Bm7    F  G
Tickle my nose with a - nother rose

Suggested Chord Voicings:
   A E G D/F# C#m7
E: 0-0-3-2----4-|
B: 2-0-3-3----5-|
G: 2-1-0-2----4-|
D: 2-2-0-0----6-|
A: 0-2-2-0----4-|
E: X-0-3-2----X-|

   A G# G F#
E: 0-0--0-0-|
B: 0-0--0-0-|
G: X-X--X-X
D: 7-6--5-4
A: X-X--X-X
E: 5-4--3-2

   A D E G Bm7 C#m7 D
E: 0-2-0-3-2---4----2-|
B: 2-3-0-3-3---5----3-|
G: 2-2-1-0-2---4----2-|
D: 2-0-2-0-0---6----0-|
A: 0-X-2-2-2---4----X-|
E: X-X-0-3-X---X----X-|

   C#m C#7 D Bm7 F G
E: 4---X---2-2---1-3-|
B: 5---6---3-3---1-3-|
G: 6---4---2-2---2-0-|
D: 6---3---0-0---3-0-|
A: 4---4---X-2---3-2-|
E: X---X---X-X---1-3-|

This original version is sung fairly high, so check out my easier acoustic version that 
plays well and can be capo-ed to your range.
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