Seldom Scene - Mean Mother Blues chords

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Mean mother blues

F Major

| X | - denotes measure

| F  C | F | A7 | Bb | Bb | F (bass notes)  Dm7 | Bb | C | F
C Bb | F | G | C | Bb | F (bass notes)  Dm7 | Bb | C | F

F                 C             F
When I got home I found my baby away
A7                                                Bb
Yeah a lil' piece of paper said she'd gone out to play
I know the river's done gone dry
F                     Dm
She's trapped another fly
Bb                         C                 F
I got nuthin' to do, but a few more words to say

C                    Bb
I got the mean woman blues
Lord knows i'd lose
G                                   C
I just can't seem to get her off my mind
She's an all night rockin' mother
F            Dm
Lord knows I love her
Bb                  C                F
She's leavin' me to ramble on up the line

When she moved in I kissed the blues goodbye
She lit my torch and left the furnace on high
Lord the money that I paid
For that livin', lovin', maid
Now she left me here
to grieve on and cry

Chorus x1

If you hear my song, you know just what I mean
Lord I think it's all just apart of the woman scheme
If you're buyin what she sells
She'll run you straight to hell
Captivate your mind and pick your truths so clean

Chorus x1

Bass solo/Solo

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