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Sesame Street - My Name Is You chords

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This was always one of my favorite songs on Sesame Street. If I remember correctly, it
came out sometime around '83. I wanted to teach it to my niece and nephews but couldn't
find any chords for it online, so I thought I'd remedy that. The verses all follow the 
same progression.


My hair is black and red

F               C
My hair is yellow

F           C                   G
My eyes are brown and green and blue

My name is Jack and Fred

F          C
My name's Amanda Sue

F             C
I'm called Kareem Abdu

G          C
My name is you.


I live in Southern France

F          C
I'm from a Texas ranch

F           C           G
I come from Mecca and Peru

I live across the street

F                 C
In the mountains, on the beach

F           C
I come from everywhere

G               C
And my name is you.


F                    C
We all sing with the same voice

The same song

The same voice

F                    C    F
We all sing with the same voice

       G            C
And we sing in harmony.

Sometimes I get mad and mean
Sometimes I feel happy
And when I want to cry, I do.
When I'm by myself at night,
I hold my teddy tight
Until the morning light
My name is you.

I have sisters one, two, three
In my family, there's just me
I've got one daddy, I've got two
Grandpa helps me cross the street
My cat walks on furry feet
I love my parakeet
My name is you.


I like to run and climb
I like to sit and read
I like to watch my TV, too
And when it's time for bed,
I like my stories read,
"Sweet dreams" and "love you" said
My name is you.

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