Seu Worship - You Made A Way chords

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Intro -   D   Em   C     (2x)

Verse 1

Em                G
You have given it all
That I might know your cross
                       G        D
And know your righteousness

Em                    G
Bearing the sorrows of man
                C          G      D
Our sin on your shoulders

Instr.    D   Em   C   (2x)

Verse 2

Em                G
You are life upon life
You only knew death
                    G        D
For a little while

   Em                      G
Forever the bringer of hope
            C         G       D
Youre my redemption


D          Em      C           
You made a way for me     (2x)


G                    D
Holy is the Lord who finds me
Brings me back again
   Em              D
He brings me back again

G                    D
Holy is the Lord who saves me
Coming back again
       Em          D
Youre coming back again

Instr.    D   Em   C   (2x)

Verse 3

Em                        G
You are the fullness of God
Seeking the lost
           G     D
You are my ransom

Em                     G
You are the bringer of peace
          C        G     D
Healer of nations
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