Sevenglory - Show Me The Light chords

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Just listen to the song to figure out the rhythm of the A B C#m B A B chord 
progression after the 2nd and 4th lines in the verses

E                 C#m
We talk a big talk of how to reach out
B                       A B C#m B A B
But we keep to ourselves
E                     C#m
The hope we’re seeking will never come
B                     A
Until we give it away

Esus2             C#m
Show me the light inside
A               B
Burning for the truth
Esus2                  C#m
What good is a light that we hide
A                    B
I thought we were consumed? 
Cause there’s a world that’s losing faith
Looking for the way
Esus2           C#m A B
Show me the light

E                    C#m
The endless souls in need of grace
B                  A B C#m B A B
Waiting in the shade
E                C#m
But altogether now
B                               A
We can make sunshine from the gray

*chorus x2

Esus2      C#m A B
Show me the light
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