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Shangri Las - What Is Love tab

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What is Love
Please tell me what is love
Oh yes wont you tell me what is love What is love (3X)
C 	    Am           F           G
Love is a funny thing, you cant explain,
C 	       Am           F               G
It makes you happy but it brings a lot of pain,
C       C7              F            Am
Who can tell me of this feeling Ive found,
Whenever, he's near me, I feel my heart pound
(feel my heart pound ) Oh boy, boy

Love is a funny thing, it helps you forget
All of the troubles that you might have met
When you have dreams that are shattered and torn,
you will know, he'll be there, and when things are gone
(when things are gone ) Is this love?

So if you heart is broken, and you long for his embrace,
Just wait and he'll be there, with love you cant replace,
He'll hold you and kiss you and whisper youre mine,
and the world will be bright and happy for the rest of time
( for the rest of time) Oh gee

C 	      Am                 F       G
The rest of time, oh ohhh, the rest of time he'll be there 
(repeat and fade)

by: Jos Duarte
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