Shannon Wexelberg - It Is Your Love chords

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D               G/D               D
Nothing in this world can satisfy me
D     A/C# Bm                       C  A
Jesus You alone can fill me up
D             G/D               D        G/D A/C#
I could gain the world and all its treasures
Bm                     Em7     A
But all those things would never be enough


D    D/F#
It is Your love
G          D/F#
It is Your goodness
Em7                   D/F#
It is Your kindness and compassion
G                  A
That fills me up inside
D       D/F#
It is Your grace
G        D/F#
Your tender mercy
          Em7              A
It is Your presence in my life
         D     (G A – Back to chorus)
That satisfies
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