Shelly Moore - Unraveling chords

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You have taken me apart now at the seams
You have brought me to where I'm on my last string

I've looped the rabbit's hole around the tree
Trying to ordain the life that's best for me
                   Am               C
All my knots were tied, my bows fell perfectly
    Am    C
Now I'm unraveling... 

Am            G       F                      C
   I've heard you say, "Wait for the better day  
          Am  G    F                      Am
There is purpose, even in the midst of this
       G                  Dm             F
And just as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow
                           Am           G   F
I'll get you through the night"

Broken hearts are the disease of a broken world
Full of people who have locked away the hurt
But the healer of it all is at His work
In our unraveling

Yes I've found hope that stays around
And I've got peace that lets me wait this thing out
Just hold me while I await release, please
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