Shilelagh Law - Pubs Pints And Open Doors chords

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Capo II

C                                        G
What a whirlwind, Couple weeks was all I had,

C                                    G
Traveled light, Take it in as best I can,

Em                           D
I walked the beaches in the north,

Em                          D
I hiked the Burren and the Mohers,

Em                        D                      C
Stood on hilltops, And I sang like I never sang before


Here's to Mayo, And its rocky shores,

Here's to Galway,Pubs and pints and open doors,

Here's to Derry,And the people’s dream

C                                                      G
Here's to Dublin,As I watch the sun light up the Irish Sea,

C                                       G
Up in Buncrana, I climbed the hills of Donegal,

C                                              G
South to Westport, The music echoed all night long,

Em                      D
The craic was grand in Castlebar,

Em                  D
Connemara stole my heart,

Em                     D                C
Felt the hands of time on the Cliffs of Moher


C                                                      G
Though it's been some years, since I walked upon your coast,

C                                            G
Knowing truly dear, I'm still haunted by your ghosts,

Em                  D
Miss you when I am away,

Em                     D
Certain memories never fade,

Until I return...

D      D    D         C
I'll count down the days! 

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