Shooter Jennings - Solid Country Gold tab

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Chord Diagram (in correct order as being played0

  G6       C6      D

320022   032020   000232(3)

This song is pretty simple, I would advise you listen to it a few times before you try 
play it, the timing is tricky. If the chords aren't for you, I'll be bringing out the 
for them soon.

Below are the lyrics... as the first verse and the chords come together, it pretty much 
out the same, all of it's here except for like one little guitar solo that I'm trying to 

"Solid Country Gold" by Shooter Jennings

I been sinkiní like a rock in this high society (G6)
ĎCause all that means so much to them, donít mean shit to me (C6, D)
If I were into money, fame and power, Iíd be sold (G6)
But I know I tried , and I just canít find that solid country gold (C6, D)

Now I was born in Nashville but I left there long ago
ĎCause they built Music City by sacrificing soul
L.A. ainít much different, Ďcept they got them fancy clothes
And thereís nary a sight or a leaving light of solid country gold

They say country music ainít quite all it used to be
But they canít see the country for all the goddamned trees
If you give to me a guitar ans my woman on the road
Iíll give to you my family, my solid country gold

Now baby, I been thinkiní Ďbout where you and I should go
You sell your apartment, and Iíll shake off my load
Weíll take it down to Texas where weíll kiss that Yellow Rose
And find ourselves some loviní in solid country gold

Repeat chorus twice

Yes, Iíll give to you my family, my solid country gold

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