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Shwayze And Cisco - Waste The Time Away chords

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Chords: E G# C#m A F#m B

     E         G#         C#m        A        F#m         B
x79997     466544     x46654     57765     244222     799877   



          E                     E     G#             C#m  A
                 When I was a young boy, I used to say
          A                 E  G#             C#m  A
                 I would never turn out that way
                      E    G#              F#m           
                 Look at me now I sit around all day
        F#m-G#-A                      B                     E
                 I waste the time away i waste the time away

                E                                     G# 
                 'scuse me while I light my spliff
                A                         E
                 Lord I think I need a lift
                E                                G#             
                 kuz this saturday sunday monday sunday
                A                    E
                 trip dont feel so hip
                E                           G#
                 so i pick up my guitar and play
                A                         E
                 sing a song about yesterday
                E                G#      A       E
                 too bad my memory is cloudy as shit.

           * The song continues to switch between chorus and verses
          the way that songs do... So yeah just keep those chords comin'
          and sing like hell! Cheers!
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