Sia - Im In Here chords

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Am                       D                          C  E
I'm in here, can anybody see me here, can anybody help?
Am                        D                    C     E
I'm in here a prisoner of history, can anybody help?

F          G        Am          E
Can't you hear my call, are you coming to get me now
F          G      Am  E
I've been waiting for you to come asking me
F      G      Am     E                 D         F  
I need you to hold, all of the sadness I am not, living with
G         C
inside of me
Am                              D
I'm in here, I'm trying to tell you something
              C  E
Can anybody help?
Am                               D
I'm in here, I'm calling out but you can't hear
             C  E
Can anybody help?

C           G       E       Am                D
I'm crying out I'm breaking down, I'm feeling old
       F                  G                        C     
Stuck inside these walls there is nothing left for me
Is anybody out there?


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