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Simple Red - Beside You chords

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Beside you  -  What dreams may come


 D                                    G
We follow the river down into the stream
            C            Bm     A
That's where my dream began
 D                         G
I left my worries to the people who stare
      C                 Bm      A
And dreamed without a care
              D        F#m     Bm
* That (yes) I'd always be beside you
    G         D         A
To watch the day and night
      D      F#m       Bm
And we listen to the sunrise
    G          D         A
And feel it's growing light
    G                  C          Bm      D
And peace will come inside        so quiet

Wherever we're going, I don't know
For a million years our love keeps growing
The mystery deepens, day by day
But trust my love, and hear me say
(Repeat *)

Peace will come inside so quiet
(Repeat *)

And peace will come inside so quiet
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