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Sister Hazel - Shame tab

Woah this is my first tab so be gentle. I'm playing along to the Before The Amps cd. So 
in that key.



play the C barre 3 times
Then the F barre 1 time
Then the C barre 1 time

Bb                G             F                    G
I've been seeing you and me as space that could only grow

Everyone knows...
C                      Bb
I gave you everything, you got the best of me,
C                  F
so hey hey what a shame
C                  Bb
I was the only one who didn't know what you had done
C                  F       G
So, hey, hey what a shame. All you ever do is blame.

There's definitely a lot going on with changes and hammer ons that i didn't bother 
out. Also i think the 1st G chord might be wrong in the line "i've been seeing you and me..." 
it's as close as i could get, maybe someone else will finish it.

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