Sixteen Cities - Sing Along chords

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Sing Along
Sixteen Cities

Key Bb

Intro: Bb   Gm  (2x)

Verse 1
Bb        F             Gm       Eb
   When I look into the painted skies
Bb       F       Eb  
   I see so many colors
Bb             F          Gm   Eb
   They're all a part of Your design
Bb              F           Eb
   It's such a brilliant display

                   Bb               F
I love the way the stars shine for You
                 Gm             Eb
And every single mountain bows down
                   Bb           F           Gm
I love the way the universe is singing Your song
So I'll try to sing along

Verse 2
Bb         F            Gm       Eb
   Looking up into the dark blue night
Bb         F          Eb  
   I'm in awe of Your power
Bb             F              Gm     Eb
   The way the moon pulls the ocean's tide
Bb         F         Eb
   You are never contained

Cm                   Gm         Eb
   All the world is singing Your song
Cm               Gm         Bb  F  Eb
   I'll raise my voice and sing along

                   Bb        F      Gm     Eb
I love the way the stars shine for You   (2x)
Words and music by Josiah Warneking
Copyright 2009 Centricity Songs / BMI
All Rights Reserved. 
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