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Sizzla - Pure Love tab

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From the Are you lookin' at me album.

Capo on the second fret. Chord names relative to capo. 

Chords used:

D: XX0232    
A: X02220    
E: 022100   
F#m: 244222  
B: X24442    
E7: 020100   

Intro: D A E A x 2

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D     A                     E         A
The people allow this last great congregation
D        A                   E       A
I tip my hat to the ones who went before
D   A                         E     A
My secret voice has the inside information
D        A                      E       A
To let the freedom bell ring once and for all

And we're singing
D         A                  E    A
I got to fill my heart with pure love   (pure love)
D         A                  E    A
I got to fill my heart with pure love

Same chords for next verse and chorus.

F#m B E E7 F#m B D
                     Listen to the band sanctify

Then continue with verse and chorus chords to finish. Comments/corrections welcome.
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