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Small Faces - Itchycoo Park tab

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G Em / G Em

G              Bm
Over bridge of sighs
   F                C
To rest my eyes, in shades of green
G              Bm
Under dreaming spires
F                 C
To Itchycoo Park, thatís where Iíve been

             G                   F    C
What did you do there?     I got hi___gh
             G                      F    C
What did you feel there?     Well I cri___ed
        G                         F    C
Why the tears there?     Tell you wh___y...

G            Em
Itís all too beautiful

  G                 Bb
I feel inclined, to blow my mind
         F            C            G
Get hung up; feed the ducks with a bun
     G                Bb
They all come out, to groove about
   F             C          D*
Be nice and have fun in the sun

Tell you what Iíll do
Iíd like to go there now with you
You can miss out school
Why go to learn the words of fools?

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