Sofa - Revolution chords

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hi, this song i wrote it, so, no one knows it.

intro (also verses):
F#m  Gm  C#m F#m

I want a revolution, 
donīt tell me what to do.
I want a revolution,
for not going to school.

I wanna do it, for all the students,
I donīt think teachers can resist it

D                          Bm
I donĻwant to lose my oportunity,
Em                       A7
I donīt like to waste my time
D                          Bm
I donīt like waking up at 6 :00 a.m.
G                           Gm
I want a revolution, a revolution.

Schoolīs like the baddest thing ever,
Revolution is the answer for me.
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