Soft Machine - Moon In June chords

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Writer: Robert Wyatt


On a dilemma
                  2/4                4/4
                  E7                 [ch]Bm7/D[/ch]
Between what your laid and lord just wants.

Between your thighs, you feel a sensation.
How one can resist this temptation
E7                     FM7
Ah aaaaaaaaaa I got my bond.
You got your man 
        FM7            E7 F7
Someone else needs me.

5/4                     6/4
C#m7                    Fdim          Bm7
Now I get up to open my eyes, open my heart
     5/4             6/4
D7b9 C#m7            Fdim                 Bm7
Now I'm with you for we decide how far to go
                D7b9 C#m7
And thinking of time to do it now
D7b9     5/4 
        Fdim                        Bm7      D7b9
And if its love l offer you and its not for me

          [ch]GM7/D[/ch]      F#m7   [ch]GM7/D[/ch]      F#m7
If we lie down for a while, just for a while
CM79/B           Bm7     E     G
The only thing I want is thee.
CM79/B         Bm7          E    
You're all the thing, all I need.

[D]Bass Solo

GM7  Bm7/F#  Fdim  Em7b9  AM79  B79  CM79  D7

Em7  D7  Em7  D7  CM79   Bm7  E79/B

(D pattern repeat)
GM7     Bm7/F# Fdim
I want you     
more than I can know
AM79        Bu9               CM79
Here on the floor and you are there 
And I feel almost good
          Em7       D7             Em7         D7
That's as now we've agreed that we did what we need
    Cm79                  Dm7     E79/B
And all the things I must need is wanting

(D pattern repeat)
GM7               Bm7/F#       Fdim         Em7b9          AM79
I realized when I saw you last we've been together now and then
             B79   CM79          D7
From time to time, Just here and there
      Em7         D7             Em7        D7
Now I know how it feels, from my head to my heels
CM79        Bm7         E79/B
This at the horns of my dilemma, oh wait a minute

C#m7          G7
C#m7          G7

[F]Keybord Solo

Cm7 GM7 Ab7 Bb7 (X4times)

[G]shuffle beat

Cm7           FM7    E7               Am7 G7
Living can be lovely here in New York State
AbM7                       Gm7b9
Ah, but I wish that I were home
      AbM7        FM7 GM7 Cm7
And I wish I were home    again
Bb7                          Cm7              Bb
Back home again, home again, back home again, home again

(Same Chords)
Cm7                  FM7
There are places and people here 
            E7           Am7 G7
That I'm so glad to have seen
AbM7               Gm7b9
Ah, but I miss the trees
      AbM7        FM7 GM7 Cm7         Bb7         Cm7         Bb7
And I wish I were home    again, back home again, home again, back home again

(Same Chords)
Cm7                 FM7
The sun shines here all summer
     E7                            Am7 GM7
It's nice 'cause you can get quite brown
AbM7               Gm7b9             AbM7
Ah, but I miss the rain-ticky tacky ticky
                FM7    GM7     CM79
And I wish that I were home again
Bb7                     CM79        Bb7
Home again, home again, home again, home again

Cm7       FM7  E7               Am7    G7
Living is easy here in New York State, State
AbM7      GM7       AbM7        GM7  AbM7 GM7 AbM7 GM7
Ah, but I wish that I were home again

Cm7 Ab7 GM7 Cm7 Ab7 GM7 
Cm7 Bb7 Am7 Ebdim 
D7  Em7  FM7  Bm7

Bm7    FM7        E7             FM7         E7
Just before we go on to the next part of our song
               GM7                 F#7    B7
Let's all make sure we've got the time

Bm7                              D#dim
3 o'clock in school, before the faction
Background noise, peolpe sleeping and teaching
Bm7                                              D#dim
That's alright by me , don't think that I'm complaining
Am7                                          E7
After all it's only pleasure time, isn't it?

Am7             D7   Dm
Now I love your eyes
GM7  Cm7            GM7  E7
See    how the time flies
Am7                                           D7        Dm
She's been learning to hate but it is just to late for me
If there's a song without love
        Cm7              GM7  E7
it just wasn't enough for me

Cm7   D7             Em7
Funny how the spirit dies
Cm7            Bm7               Am7
Remember how a distance can tell lies

4/4     3/4
G#m G7  F#m7-G7 (Repeat 2times)

  Am7                                   D7      Dm
I see her eyes and it leads to despises on you
You're awful nice to me
        Cm7                              GM7       E7
And I'm sure you can't see where they're getting me
She's doing her face just as if it's a race 
     D7            Dm
That you win, that you win
She just can't understand
            GM7                   Cm7      E7
That you'll be everything just to get her

Cm7   D7                Em7
So  before this feeling dies
Cm7             Bm7               Cm7  E7
Remember that a distance tells us lies

[O]Fuzz Bass Solo

[P]Keyboard Solo
3/4        2/4
E7 Ab7 Ab7 GM7 Ab7
(repeat 4 times, leads to Bm7)

[Q]Piano Solo
Am7-B7 Em7 Am7-B7 Em7 Cm7 D7 E7 Cm7-D7

[R]Keyborad+Voice Improvisations
Em F7

GM7 GM7 GM7 Cm7

Em Cm7 Em Cm7
(leads to Free Improvisation)

4/4   2/4 4/4
Em Cm7 A7 Cm7

[V]: fuzz bass(?)
[ch]BM7/D#[/ch] [ch]Cm7/D#[/ch] [ch]Abm7/D#[/ch] [ch]F#7/D#[/ch]
Bm7 Em7 Bm7 Em7

[W]: dull improvisastion + violin
E7 E7 FM7 FM7

Em7 C#m7
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